Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cross Country Keller Invitational

It's a Thursday night after a volleyball game. A gentleman comes up to me and asks if I ever go to cross country meets? I said it's been 4 years since I shot cross country. Well there's one this Saturday and it's fairly close. It's in Keller. Ok I'll go. My thought was to show up, shoot a few photos and be out of there in an hour or so.... Yea right! I had no idea that half of Texas was going to be there. Ok, so there are many more schools than expected. I'll shoot varsity boys and girls only be there a couple of hours then I can leave..... Yea right! While waiting for varsity girls to start, I'm standing next to Coach Johnson when he receives a call from Mrs. Van Hoose. Tiff just finished her select soccer game and wants to know if she can at least make it to the JV run? I was thinking how many athletes would even go to the cross country meet after playing a select soccer match? Not very many. I decided if Tiff is willing to run, I would stay and leave after she's finished..... Yea right! A few minutes before the JV run, here comes the middle school athletes. They all walk by and say hello except one. He says "Wow you actually came to shoot our meet? No one ever shows up for us." Guilt! I shot the middle school run and to be honest, even though I was there half the day, I very much enjoyed myself.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Melody's 1st Birthday Photos

One year olds are soooo cute to photograph. The expressions they make! Look at these photos, don't you wonder what Melody is thinking?? And have you heard about the workout called P90X. Try photographing an one year old for an hour or so. Up, down, sitting, standing, walking, running, crying, oh my.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have to be the luckiest photographer in the metroplex. I have been so blessed with wonderful clients this year and Maddison is definitely one of them. He was so easy to work with and we very much enjoyed the photo session. Thank you Maddison for being such a great subject!-------------------

Gene and Bobbi,

I have been showing off the album all day!  It is amazing! You were so right about how even though I saw all the photos on screen,,,,it is totally different looking at them in an art form in the book.  I am so glad I did  not preview the album,,,,,,I loved the surprise,,,,and I would not change anything in it. 

Thank you for you for all of your effort and caring that made Maddison's photos so special.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Football Scrimmage vs Prestonwood

I debated on which photos to post from the scrimmage, but decided to post the photos that highlight the tremendous medical & training staff we have at FWC, Dr. Ryan Modlinski and Athletic Trainer Corry Karlen. As you can see in the photos, Cade was in wonderful hands during the procedure. It's great to know that if one of our children gets injured during a sporting event, God willing it won't happen, we know that they will be getting the best care. Special thanks for allowing me to document the event.

Monday, August 2, 2010

1st Day Volleyball Practice

Coach Kevin Anderson leads the FWC volleyball team for his 2nd year. Last year was a great step forward for the Cardinals as they just fell short losing in the state semi-finals to the team that would eventually be the state champions. With a couple of new faces on the team and the majority of last years squad returning, it should be another banner year for the Lady Cardinals.

1st Day Football Practice

Welcome to the 1st FWC football practice 2010. The Cardinals are lead by the field general & commander and chief of the athletic department starting his 4th season Coach Scott Smiley. Coach Smiley has brought the attitude of putting Christ first and believe in yourself and your teammates. He has compiled a wonderful team of coaches that all put their heart and soul into each individual athlete. The Cardinals expectations are high for the 2010 season with most of the key position players returning this year.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well what can you say? The photos speak for themselves. Easy going and beautiful smile. Hagan made our job easy. Thanks Hagan!


We went from location to location to location. Jamie did all that we asked and was extremely easy to photograph. It definitely comes easy for him. Thanks Jamie

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

AJ and Alex

Laughing, goofing and having fun. Thanks boys for making this an enjoyable experience!
LisaT. "EV Photography brought out the personalities of my 2 boys who didn't want to even be there. Love the photos and would highly recommend!